Portcullis Range

Constructed from galvanised steel profiles and sections for style, quality and strength, the Traditional, Classic and Extra Range of Communal Controlled Access Entrance Door Designs provide a wide choice to suit all requirements. Doors have been successfully tested to STS202 and PAS 23/24 and are Secured by Design. Select according to budget, usage, security and visual requirements.

Tradd-white-4-webThe Traditional Door

Newton's market leading Traditional door is ideal for high density housing environments where security is important but not overriding concern.
The versatile maintenance construction of the Traditional Door allows for a wide range of configurations to suit most visual requirements. An aluminium modular design also provides an extensive choice of glazing and infill options. For ease of transportation, the aluminium glazing/infill modules are supplied separate to the door and fitted on site.

The Classic DoorPortcullis-Classic-14-Glasg

Offering the highest security for the most demanding housing environments, the Classic Door is manufactured to accommodate a heavy volume of traffic. Vision panels and infill options are constructed by utilising welded mullions and gaskets with galvanised steel retaining bead. This makes the Classic the easiest style to maintain in the event of glazing being broken. The Classic design also offers the option of a single floor to ceiling glazing panel, and double glazed infill option.

Extra4webThe Extra Door

Designed to accommodate the tightest of budgets, the Extra door has been developed to provide an economic yet secure and low maintenance access solution. The door specification includes the option of a unique 'cassette' design of glazing and infill panel which are supplied pre-fitted.

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